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Mink Oil For Natural Healing


"I love the way this product makes your skin feel. My skin is so soft, I have rosacea and since I've been using this on my face the redness has diminished greatly. I have only been using this for a month. I love it!" Marie

Reports show MINK Oil reduces wrinkles, softens cracked and calloused skin, and repairs dry damaged skin. The fatty acids chains found in MINK Oil are "unique", because of the extensive variety of triglycerides.

  • MINK Oil feels and acts different than other oils when in contact with human skin. Pure Mink Oil, a Healing Oil
  • MINK Oil is high in unsaturated triglycerides, and has tremendous absorbing capabilities. It is used to treat skin problems such as psoriasis, eczema, skin spots, dermatitis, acne, and excessively oily skin.
  • MINK Oil has been used as a catalyst for other ingredients because of its absorption rate and depth of penetration. Ingredients such as Vitamin E, or Olive Oil, (which is wonderful but lacking penetration power), can be "Super Charged" by using MINK Oil in your skin care recipes.
  • Research all ingredients for any health concerns before combining with MINK Oil.
  • The penetration power of MINK Oil can be a catalyst for other ingredients. Make sure it is applied to clean skin.
  • Mink is the only animal in the world exempt from any skin diseases or allergies.
  • MINK Oil will assist in stabilizing skin whether dry or oily. It will help restore moisture and soothe skin from over exposure to sun and wind.
  • For extra dry skin of elbows, knees, and heels; While skin is clean and still damp, apply and smooth in. Feel the difference immediately. Leave on overnight.


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