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Mink Oil by Think Mink is 100% Pure Mink Oil.

Our bulk oil is available in Commercial Sizes: 4 oz, 16 oz and Gallon (128 oz).

This mink oil can be used for leather care and rejuvenation, to make soap and shampoo, a base for creams and lotions, and as a base for horse and pet care products.

It is a light gold in color with a very slight musky fragrance.

The absorption properties and nurturing benefits of pure mink oil are superior to any other natural oil.

Mink Oil for Natural Cosmetics
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4 oz...$14.00
16 oz...$24.00
128 oz...$144.00

  • For leather care, mink oil penetrates deeply, softens and protects while leaving a beautiful finish to the outside surface.

  • For soaps and shampoo, mink oil is the finest ingredient to compliment all recipes. Mink oil will improve all hair and skin conditions. Soaps made with mink oil result in soap that is nurturing to the skin and hair, adding conditioning and moisturizing qualities. The bars are silky smooth and leave your skin soft and supple. The feeling of luxurious is obvious. (We have a sample soap recipe in our soap page)

  • If you are making creams and lotions, mink oil will give you the softening and penetrating properties you desire.

  • Pet shampoos made with mink oil leave your pet's fur and skin soft and healthy, enabling it to better combat dry and scaly skin from bug bites and daily abuse from the outdoors. Animal hair and fur benefit from mink oil used as a conditioner. Mink oil encourages a healthy vibrant coat. A natural bug repellent your animals will appreciate; We recommend 67% Water, 30% Mink Oil and 3% Citronella essential oil.

Because of Mink Oil's super absorption properties it can be a catalyst for the application of other helpful ingredients that you want to penetrate deeply into their skin.

Experience for yourself the supple smooth soft penetration of mink oil.

Our 100% Pure Mink Oil for commercial uses has a very slight musky scent. This is the perfect product for leather care, and disappears in the making of soap and shampoo, but for other uses, an added fragrance may be considered by some to compliment the slight musky scent.

Mink Oil for Pets Natural Cosmetics with Mink oil Mink Oil for leather

Our Skin Care line begins with mink oil without any discernible fragrance.
The benefits and effectiveness of both grades of mink oil are equal.

Try it and see for yourself, this is a natural, biodegradable chemical free product.

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