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All About Mink Oil


  • MINK Oil is 100% Pure, Natural, and Bio-degradable.
  • This MINK Oil we obtain is a by-product of the fur industry. The process to render the oil is a steam and water procedure, without any chemicals or artificial ingredients.
  • Pure Mink Oil, a Natural Oil We adhere to the definition of natural. We do not include any chemicals or artificial ingredients. All scents that are included adhere to standards for "Natural". Only steam distilled products are included, for the sole purpose of complimenting the MINK Oil with beneficial ingredients known for their fragrance and holistic properties.
  • Our MINK Oil is derived solely from farm raised minks processed in the United States. The oil we use is rendered from the oil under the pelt of the mink. Research supports that the Mink is the only animal in the world exempt from any skin diseases or allergies.
  • We further process the MINK Oil in a chemical free procedure to remove the scent completely.
  • Reports also support that Mink Oil has a greater oxidative stability (resistance to rancidity) than other animal or vegetable oils. The safety analysis for MINK Oil shows a shelf life of up to 2 years.
  • A natural, bio-degradable, farm raised product.
  • Mineral oil has always been praised as an inexpensive natural emollient, but there is concern with respect to its petroleum base, which is thought to actually dry skin over time. So when did we all decide to use petroleum oils for our skin care products?
  • MINK Oil is now known for its exceptional and unique blend of unsaturated fatty acids. The difference is evident.

Try it just once and feel for yourself. You'll be pleased and surprised what nature can do.

"71 years in the Baja Mexico...have been using the MINK Oil about two months on my fried and ugly forearms...all that bumpy red scaly stuff is just about gone...and those old age wrinkles are taking a hike also. have tried all skin remedies and this is truly working...come on down and check it out." Ed Webber...San Bruno...BSC Mexico


Why is MINK Oil a special ingredient to include in skin care products?

  • Pure Mink Oil, a Luxurious OilMINK Oil will create supple softness, and restore the skin to natural smooth health.
  • With over 75% unsaturated fats, MINK Oil penetrates quickly to the fifteenth epidermis layer of the skin, actually traveling through the pores, instead of through the protective epidermis layer.
  • MINK Oil has tremendous abilities to protect, replenish, condition, and restore the skin to natural balance.
  • MINK Oil replenishes moisture, and restores skin to natural brilliance.

MINK Oil is used to help resolve all types of skin problems.

  • Our customers have experienced great results when used to resolve; dry skin, age spots, wrinkle lines, stretch marks, psoriasis, eczema, acne, callused skin, the list goes on!
  • MINK Oil is easy to absorb and the most compatible structure known to human skin. It is very similar to human sebum (the oil producing glands just under the human skin).
  • Through the Belgium Ministry of Health, studies were made between different oils to deduce their penetration power into human skin. The highest penetration in the shortest period of time was found to be Mink Oil.
  • Their reports are conclusive that MINK Oil will improve all skin types.


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